Amenities, Accessibility, Storage and Personalization Options.


Villas include fully-furnished living spaces, en-suite bathrooms with toiletries, private storage, a safe, cabin service, dedicated area for work or study, high-speed Internet, a TV, climate control, mini fridge, 24/7 medical support, weekly housekeeping and laundry.

Accommodations for Disabilities

Please reach out to a resident advisor regarding your needs and they will guide you accordingly.  

Decorate and Make it Home 

Make your villa your own cozy abode on the sea. As an owner, feel free to paint the walls and hang up your favorite pictures. Providing you stay within the ship's safety regulations, you have complete freedom to decorate your villa to your heart's content.

Electrical Outlets

Ship power outlets accommodate both US and EU standards. Please reach out to your resident advisor should you have any device specific questions.


Each villa on board has been thoughtfully designed for long-term living at sea. The ample personal storage options, including built-in wardrobes, cabinets, drawers and shelves are sure to impress with their capacity and convenience.

Villa Types

Villa Vie offers a diverse range of residences, including various inside and outside options, balcony rooms, and suites. These come in different sizes and price ranges, catering to a variety of preferences and needs, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every resident. Click here to view the ship plan.