Ship Operations

Navigational Excellence: Bahamas Flagging, Advanced Repair Protocols, Unparalleled Safety, and Unique Voyage Capabilities.

Flagging of the Ship

The Villa Vie Odyssey will proudly fly the flag of The Bahamas.

In Case of Major Repairs

While every action has been taken to prevent unforeseen repairs, it is important to acknowledge that all ships may encounter them from time to time. To address such instances, a contingency "floating fund" has been set aside for such cases.

Safety and Security

For the safety and well-being of all passengers, a dedicated security team is always present on board. In the unlikely event of a serious crime, our ship is equipped with secure detainment facilities to ensure swift and appropriate action can be taken.

Ship Details

Our 924-passenger, 25,000 GRT vessel will enter service in June 2024 following the completion of a multimillion-dollar transformation into a residential cruise ship.
Able to reach parts of the world that larger ships cannot access, the ship’s flatter hull which enables her to navigate inland waterways and rivers too. In October 2019 (sailing as The Braemar), she became the longest ship ever to transit the Corinth Canal.

Unfavorable Conditions or Problems at Port

Our maritime specialists closely track local weather conditions, taking prompt measures to ensure the vessel operates in optimal safety. Strategies include altering course or extending port stays to avoid unfavorable sea conditions.