Fitness and Wellness

Luxurious Spa Treatments, Comprehensive Fitness Facilities, and Personalized Training Sessions,

Indulge in our Spa and Salon Services

Whether you're looking for a simple cut or seeking a luxurious experience, our top-tier spa and salon services are here to cater to your needs. Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation with soothing massages, revitalizing facials, and a range of beauty treatments, all while being treated to breathtaking ocean views. Our spa and salon are your sanctuaries of tranquility at sea, offering the perfect haven for rejuvenation or a stylish touch-up.

Gym and Sports Equipment

Keep up with your fitness routine in our spacious onboard gym, equipped with a wide range of equipment, including popular Peloton machines.

Fitness, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation Classes

Rejuvenate with our range of included wellness classes. Whether it's energizing fitness or calming meditation, find your balance in tranquil onboard settings.

Pickleball Court

Join the excitement on Deck 8 with our Pickleball court. Gear up for friendly matches and enjoy one of our residents' favorite sports.

Private Trainers

For those seeking personalized instruction, our onboard trainers are available to provide one-on-one lessons and guidance tailored to your specific fitness goals.

Saunas and Steam Rooms

Unwind in our saunas and steam rooms. Let the warmth soothe your muscles and spirit, perfect for relaxation after a day of exploration.