Endless Horizons - Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions and their answers, derived from our recent Endless Horizons webinar.

Question: Hi—is the price good for a lifetime?
Answer: Yes, the price is valid for a lifetime.

Question: Is it only for oceanview cabins?
Answer: A few balcony cabins are also available. Please reach out to anne@villavieresidences.com for more information.

Question: Can we resell at any point?
Answer: No, you cannot resell at any point. Only Owners can resell.

Question: Are meals included in the package?
Answer: Yes, all meals are included in the package.

Question: What amenities are available on the ship?
Answer: The ship offers a spa (additional cost), gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and several dining options.

Question: Is Wi-Fi available in all rooms?
Answer: Yes, complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

Question: Can I bring my dog?
Answer: Dogs are not allowed on the ship.

Question: Do you offer room service?
Answer: Yes, room service is available.

Question: Is breakfast included in the stay?
Answer: Yes, breakfast is included in the stay.

Question: Do you have facilities for disabled guests?
Answer: Yes, we have accessible rooms and facilities for disabled guests.

Question: Are there laundry services available?
Answer: Yes, laundry services are available.

Question: Is there a fitness center on the ship?
Answer: Yes, we have a fully equipped fitness center on the ship.

Question: How do you guarantee availability? Is there a limited number of places for Endless Horizons?
Answer: Yes, there is a limited number of places available for Endless Horizons.

Question: If you were to purchase a double occupancy Endless Horizons, what would happen when one person dies?
Answer: If it’s double occupancy, the surviving person keeps the cabin. If the second person dies, the cabin goes back to Villa Vie Residences.

Question: What are the extra charges with this program?
Answer: Extra charges include shore excursions, spa services, bars, etc.

Question: Is this an adult-only residence?
Answer: Mostly adults, but children are welcome. We have a few teens on board and residents' grandchildren can visit through the Friends & Family program.

Question: How does payment for Endless Horizons work?
Answer: A 10% down payment is required, with the balance due 30 days before sailing.

Question: How do mail and deliveries work on the ship?
Answer: We offer mail and package services, with delivery taking 4-6 weeks to reach the ship.

Question: If we leave the ship for a couple of weeks, must we move our belongings, or can we keep the villa if we are gone less than 30 days? If we leave longer and need to vacate, is there a storage option?
Answer: For absences longer than 30 days, we offer a storage option. However, you may be assigned a different cabin upon your return.

Question: Do you keep the same cabin for the duration of the specific stay?
Answer: Yes, unless you disembark for longer than 2 weeks, in which case you may have a different cabin upon return.

Question: Are we required to purchase insurance for our cabins, or is it included in the cost? What damages are covered?
Answer: Insurance is optional and not included.

Question: What kind and level of healthcare is available on board?
Answer: Please contact our travel partner for details. You can email our sales team for more information.

Question: What happens if the ship breaks down? Are other accommodations provided (hotel, meals, etc.)?
Answer: Yes, accommodations will be provided in case of a breakdown.

Question: What about health insurance and medical facilities?
Answer: We have a medical facility on board. Health insurance needs to be purchased separately.

Question: How many doctors or healthcare professionals reside on the ship, and what are the medical facilities like?
Answer: The ship has one doctor, two registered nurses, and one assistant nurse.

Question: Hi, my husband and I take medications. How would we get refills?
Answer: We have a medical facility and team onboard that can provide generic versions to your prescription.